This is a highly specialized denim fabric, highly resistant to abrasions, tearing and even penetration by objects, thanks to its blend of fibres. It is very comfortable, lightweight and durable and requires no special maintenance care.

This fabric is suitable for:

Sports activities such as motorcycling, mountain biking, skateboarding, trial biking, go-karting and for activities related to protection at the workplace such as cutting machinery, motorbike courier services, cabinetmakers, carpenters and any other activity requiring comfort and protection against abrasion by rubbing and cutting.


Denim fabric • High protection against cutting and impact abrasion • High tear and tensile strength • ARMALITH Technology • Comfortable • Elastic • Breathable • Protection that does not diminish with use • Easy care and maintenance as with any other denim garment • Normal washing and breathable

  • UNE EN 13592-2 impact abrasion protection