These are specialized denim fabrics that have been created from fibres that are fireproof in themselves. Their fireproof protection is not superficial and cannot be removed by washing, since it is integrated into the very structure. In addition to other properties, this line of fabrics is breathable and regulates the body’s humidity.

Denim Multirisk is recommended for:

PPE garments in the metal industries (metallurgical plants and foundries) • Welding and allied activities • Chemical Plants • Mining • The transportation of Dangerous Goods • Automotive Assembly lines • Aerospace industry • Drilling Rigs


Denim fabric • Interwoven, permanent flame retardant • Prolonged heat stability against fire • Splash protection from aluminium, other metals and molten metals • Excellent mobility and comfort • Protection against static electrical discharge • Strong resistance to traction and tearing • Suitable for industrial washing

  • EN ISO 9185 large molten metal splash protection
  • EN ISO 11611 protection for welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612 heat and flame protection
  • EN ISO 15797 industrial washing