Denim fabric for wide-ranging, multi-purpose protection. Complies with the American NFPA 2112 Standard (which regulates the choice, use and maintenance of clothing for thermal protection against fire caused by electric arc and against spattering from molten metal, welding and related procedures).

This fabric is suitable for:

This product is recommended for high protection against electrical hazards with special electric arc work. It meets the American NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E Standards, complying with level 4: the highest protection.
Facilities with general and sudden fire hazards. Electrical facilities. Hazardous goods transport. Firefighters. Petrochemical facilities. Oil and gas pipeline maintenance. Refineries. Fireworks. Airports. Drilling rigs. Automobile industry. Shipyards. Fertilizer manufacture.


Smartech denim multi-protection • Inherently flame resistan fibres • Comfortable, stretch & ergonomic

  • NFPA 2112 American standards – flash fire protection
  • EN ISO 11611 welders protection
  • EN ISO 11612 flame & heat resistant fabric
  • ASTM F1959 ATPV
  • NFPA70E arc flash protection
  • ASTM F1956 protection against flash fire & electric arc
  • UNE EN 61482-1-2 protection against arch flash
  • UNE EN 1149-3 anti-static against explosion risk