This is a denim fabric with broad multi-risk protection that meets the American standard NFPA 2112 (which regulates the choice, use and maintenance of garments for heat protection against flash fire caused by arc welding).

This fabric can be used in:

Facilities with fire hazards including flash fire, and also in electrical power plants and for dangerous goods transportation • Firefighters • Petrochemical workers • Oil and gas pipeline maintenance staff • Refineries • Fireworks • Airports • (Oil) Drilling rigs • Automobile industry staff • Shipyards • Fertilizer manufacturers

It also meets the ISO standard EN 11612 (flame resistance) and NFPA 70 for electrical arc flashes.


Denim fabric • Meets American standard NFPA 2112 and ASTM F 1959 resistance of ATPV materials to flash fire from electric arcs • Permanent protection does not diminish with use • Long-lasting fabric • Suitable for industrial laundry (washing at 75° Celsius) • Tumble drying • complies with European and international standards ISO EN 11611 and ISO11612 (heat and flame resistance and garments for welding and allied processes), F1506 fabric for protection against electric arcs and suitable for industrial washing ISO 15797

  • NFPA 2112 American standard- industrial flash fire protection
  • ASTM F1959 ATPV
  • ASTM F506 Protection against flash fire and electric arc
  • EN ISO 11611 protección for welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612 protection against heat and flame
  • EN ISO 15797 industrial washing