the technical fabrics division
from Tejidos Royo

Fabrics intended for manufacturing protective garments, suitable for different professional and sports activities, intently developed to provide a market differentiation and with an added value component. They are produced in Spain in accordance with the EU legislation, provided with official certifications, and with the utmost respect for the environment.

Over a 100 years facing challenges in the textile world

Royotec is a division of Tejidos Royo, a solid, reliable, European-style company with modern industrial equipment, at the service of a professional management team with extensive experience and training. These values allow us to broadly encompass both the manufacturing process and its subsequent marketing at international level.

Technical excellence and creativity to provide value to the technical fabric market

In Royotec, our work encompasses the entire production process, from the purchase of raw material up to the finished product. This verticality endow us with a total control of our products and their further developments, as well as a great versatility to meet our customers’ needs. Our experience in the fashion industry has taught us to be innovative and flexible. So, besides manufacturing fabrics that meet strict official certifications, we further offer differential elements that provide a fashionable and contemporary product.

Sustainable company

Our deeply rooted concern about environmental care has become part of our corporate culture, and it involves both production and administrative processes. In 2012, Tejidos Royo has been awarded by the “Oeko Tex Association” with the “Worldwide Company Eco-Sustainability Award” in recognition for its responsible textile manufacturing.

We are a human enterprise

Among the social responsibilities we assume – commitment to the effort and dedication, training and professional development, as well as support to those most in need -, the “José and Ana Royo Foundation” cooperates with Tejidos Royo in order to channel aid and to preserve a set of values that allow the next employees generations to feel so proud of us as we are of our predecessors. We think the best fabric is that which, meeting good standards of quality, reliability and price, has been produced in compliance with the environment and the universal rights of people who have worked in its development.

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