Technical denim fabric created to be fireproof, flameproof and molten metal splashproof. Extra properties include protection against electric arc or risk of explosion due to electrostatics. This fabric line has a pleasant cotton feel and is really comfortable. It can be washed at home at 40ºC.

This fabric is suitable for:

The product is designed to protect against big splashes from molten metals and minerals such as aluminium, steel, Zamak, lithium, cryolite and more.
PPE garments for metal and foundry industries. Welding and similar activities. Chemical Industries. Mining. Hazardous goods transport. Automotive. Aerospace industry. Shipyards.


Smartech denim • Inherently flame resistan fibres • High tear & tensile strength

  • EN ISO 9185 protection against molten metal splashes for use in foundries
  • EN ISO 11611 welders protection
  • EN ISO 11612 flame & heat resistant fabric
  • UNE EN 61482-1-2 protection against arch flash
  • UNE EN 1149-3 anti-static against explosion risk High thermal insulation protection performance
  • EN ISO 17493 & EN ISO 14116