This is a permanent, multistandard, fireproof denim fabric. Due to its advanced thermo-technology that combines natural fibres with new generation inherent fireproofing.

This line of fabrics gives good results in both household (EN ISO 15797) and industrial washing (EN 6330).

Denim Mac is an ideal family of fabrics for creating garments for:

Automotive companies • Utilities • Outsourced electricity and gas • Petrol Stations • Gas Companies • Security Forces • Police • Transport and logistics for inflammable products… and other varied activities


Real denim fabric • Thermal insulation • Protection against electric shock • Protection against small molten metal splashes • Resistance to abrasion • Industrial laundries washing • Some model includes elastic fibres

  • UNE EN 1149-3 antistatic against risk of explosion in hazardous (ATEX) environments
  • EN ISO 11611 protection from welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612 protection from heat and flame
  • UNE EN 61482-1-2 protection from electric arc