Fabrics suitable for manufacturing protective clothing for motorcyclists and racing drivers against impact abrasion in possible falls.

Below you can see a variety of general categories where Royotec has a played a part with its fabrics, and a reference to the brands where they are to be found. On the other hand, you can also go directly to the Brands option in the menu.

Protective clothing for motorcyclists and racing drivers

Fabrics suitable for:

Motorcycling tourism • Choppers • Trial • Enduro • Motocross • Sidecars • Mototricycles • Go-Karting • Quads


Different look because it is an authentic denim fabric or the version similar to leather • Protection against cuts and impact abrasion • Different look due to jeans/leather fabric appearance • Great durability • Structural protection remains for the fabric’s lifetime • Great comfort and adaptability to movement • Easy maintenance, household washing and drying • Elastic • Waterproof

You can find them in the following Royotec brands: